The MedCare Pharmacy of Hanoi

In regards to children’s healthcare, important elements in additional to accurate clinical & comprehensive clinical diagnostic are medicines. It’s why The Medcare always focuses on building a Pharmacy that meets the standard that supports treatment and healthcare services.


The Medcare Hanoi pharmacy’s location is placed at treatment area within The Medcare Hanoi clinic – 1st floor, LK6D-1 building next to C17 new urban area Mo Lao. This brings convenient option to parents after their child’s health check & treatment.

Our senior pharmacist team is experienced, friendly and always welcomes visitors. Our pharmacy possesses high degree of qualities included:

  • Providing various kind of medication and supplements necessary for child’s development.
  • Every type of medication is approved by Minister of Health (Vietnam)
  • Medications imported by authentic popular brand domestically and abroad such as Sanofi, GSK, and MSD … to let us bring you the most effective disease treatment solution.
  • Every medication is made sure to have clear original source, country & date of production, imported documents & financial invoice.
  • We say NO to medication with unclear original source, failure to meet the quality demand and past the expiry date.
  • Đặc biệt, nhà thuốc The Medcare Hà Nội nói không với lạm dụng thuốc kháng sinh, kháng viêm, thuốc có thành phần kiểm soát đặc biệt. Chúng tôi chỉ bán các loại thuốc nói trên khi có chỉ định mới của bác sĩ để tránh tình trạng kháng thuốc ở bệnh nhân

Our target is effective disease treatment and treatment duration reduction for your child; this is reflected by positive review & evaluation by clients at our clinic.