The MedCare Pharmacy of HaiPhong

It is important to not only deliver accurate clinical and comprehensive diagnostics as regards children’s healthcare, but also efficient and effective distribution of medicines. Therefore, The MedCare have built a modern pharmacy to support the delivery of healthcare services and treatment.

 The Medcare Haiphong pharmacy’s location is placed at treatment area within The Medcare Haiphong clinic – 3rd floors DK bld, no. 2 Lot 22A Le Hong Phong, Dong Khe ward, Ngo Quyen district.

Our team of professional pharmacists are experienced, friendly, and always approachable to answer visitor queries. The pharmacy is well equipped and delivers a high-quality service through:

  • Stocking a wide variety of medication and supplements necessary for child healthcare and development
  • Issuing medication that is only approved by the Minister of Health (Vietnam)
  • Holds specially imported medication including popular brands such as Sanofi, GSK, and MSD. This enables us to bring you the most effective treatments for your child’s ailments
  • All medications are clearly identified by original source, country and date of production, with all imported documents checked and verified
  • Any medications that do not meet these strict criteria, or are past their expiry date, are not accepted in our pharmacy

Our aim is to effectively treat children’s diseases and ailments using controlled drugs for a minimal duration. We believe we have achieved this as reflected by our positive client reviews and feedback.