Online Pharmacy

In addition to accurate clinical and subclinical diagnosis, the success of the medical examination process is also determined by drug factors. Health care for both children and adults should be based on a scientific nutritional foundation, in which the support of functional foods also plays a very important role. Not only building a pharmacy that provides medicines and functional foods directly to customers, The Medcare also develops an online pharmacy supply channel to facilitate and support the most maximally and responsibly. the need to buy drugs wherever they are from every patient

Why should you choose The Medcare online pharmacy?

  • We have an expert group of pharmacists, available to consult online for your convenience.
  • We supply a huge range of medications and supplements suitable to all age.
  • Issuing medication that is only approved by the Minister of Health (Vietnam). • All medications are clearly identified by original source, country and date of production, with all imported documents checked and verified.
  • Every product supplied are based on genuine & positive recommendation by our doctors with the aim to brings to you the most efficient treatment.
  • Supporting quick and easy order.
  • We regularly apply great promotion to online customers to experience our quality product.
  • Every product is offered at the lowest price.
  • The MedCare Hanoi pharmacy does not issue non-certified antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, or those with special control ingredients. We only prescribe drugs when necessary to minimize levels of drug resistance in patients.
  • Delivery is available throughout the whole nation and free delivery for each order from 1.000.000đ.