The Medcare culture

Corporate compliance

The Medcare is an entity subjected to comply with regulations and medical laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as well as Joint Commission International (JCI) standard in health services. We complies with laws designed to improve workplace safety, including environmental protection laws; prohibit discrimination and harassment; regulations on controlled substances; screening of excluded individuals.

Professional ethics

The Medcare is committed to complying with ethical standards, integrity and honesty. We are committed to ensuring that payments and reimbursements comply with applicable State and Government laws, regulations, guidelines and policies, all of which must be clear, transparent and accurate.

Conflict of interest

Employees and other service providers are responsible for being fully faithful to The Medcare, not to use their positions to benefit individuals at the expense of the organization through finance or otherwise. . Potential conflicts of interest will not exist in The Medcare.

Resource management

The Medcare are responsible for preserving, protecting and ensuring effective use of property. According to The Medcare regulations and labor rules, prohibiting the use of the organization's equipment, supplies, supplies or services for personal, non-work related purposes.


The Medcare are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of patients, employees and other proprietary information, as well as those with business or professional relations with The Medcare. It is strictly forbidden to share confidential information with other employees or people outside the organization, unless the person requesting information has a good reason to know about the business purposes of The Medcare clinic.

Professional conduct

The Medcare establishes professional procedures in accordance with strict JCI, standards and compliance criteria when applicable. In the event of a dispute, a patient's complaint during a medical examination, physicians and staff The Medcare is required to listen, explain, and treat based on scientific evidence, without concealment, undercover. , cheating. When necessary, it is required that a Professional Council be established to deal with patients and their interests. Doctors are required to be fully present in the science sessions, the Medcare professional meeting to address professional problems, exchange to draw experience for examination and treatment at The Medcare clinic system.


Violation of the responsibilities set forth in the Code of Conduct and The Medcare rules, regulations and procedures may be disciplined or dismissed. Law violations can also lead to civil and criminal penalties, ranging from fines to imprisonment.